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Medical Engineering + Laboratory Technology

Medical Engineering & Laboratory Technology - Quality check principles

Leading system provider of medical engineering and laboratory technology with areas of expertise in injection molding and micro filtration

We are a medical engineering and laboratory technology company and especially develop medical equipment and filter membranes:

  • Dialysis technology
  • Bicarbonate cartridges
  • Cell strainers
  • Filter membranes
  • Cell culture caps for sterile venting
  • Cell culture inserts
  • Degassing vents

We have a narrow relationship to our clients in the field of medical engineering and laboratory technology in order to develop better and new solutions for medical equipment and filter membranes.

Assembly of medical engineering & laboratory technology in clean rooms

Production of medical engineering and laboratory technology

A lot of medical equipment and filter membranes will be generated based on customer specifications. But we also set standards by ourself, because this allows us to set up a serial production with lower production costs and with lower prices for our clients.

Our engineers do have a large experience in the field of medical equipment and filter membrane and in mechanical engineering. This is a great base to develop our products with the highest quality standards.